The Evolution Of Livejasmin And The Previous Version

Livejasmin is a website that has been up for many years but quite recently the site has undergone a rebuild and rebranding. The main problem with Livejasmin is that throughout their rebuild from Livejasmin to, the company has created a site that many of the original members simply do not enjoy. While there are countless changes in branding, navigation and some of the content many members still prefer to access the site as it was in the Livejasmin old version. The good news about Livejasmin is that it is possible to access this old version if you are having difficulty with the new version of the site or you prefer the old system.


>>> Click Here to Visit LiveJasmin Old Version <<<


How To Access Livejasmin Old Version

LiveJasmin old version

While many people will make their way to Livejasmin through a link this will often redirect to the new version of the website. If you have followed a link from popular tube sites for example you most probably find yourself on instead. The older version of Livejasmin is still up but many of the links online will not auto direct you to this version.

As long as you can find a link with the older version of the site, its possible to access the classic version of the website and all of its features. Unfortunately however, has not included a top bar button to revert to the Livejasmin previous version.

The good news is that it’s very easy to launch the website using its old layout.

Click on the picture above to visit the old version.


Customers Prefer Livejasmin Old Site

Customers in general prefer using the old site to the new one and they have left a variety of feedback about the issue. It seems as though the new site really does not resonate well with its audience. While the rebranding and redesign is definitely better looking and more compatible with mobile devices – you can read our review about the livejasmin mobile version as well –  most of the customers really do not enjoy using it. Here are some of the top issues that customers keep mentioning about the new site and why they prefer to use the Livejasmin old site instead:

  • The navigation: Most of the time the navigation is confusing for users. For the most part a large number of users hate the new layout because it is nowhere near what they are used to. For finding content and browsing through models many find it to be slower. Some however suggest that the navigation process for searching and viewing pictures is much better but that is one of the only pluses in the navigation column.


  • The way it displays camera views: While the new version does display pictures much better than the older version of Livejasmin many find that the video controls are not improved. Under the normal settings it is impossible to view a performer and your own camera at the same time. With the older version it was possible for members to have a smaller version of their camera open by default alongside a large version of the model camera. Without the option to do this with the new layout many viewers are switching back to the old version of Livejasmin when they go on cam.


  • Not being able to tab browse: For the most part, is designed to be a single tab experience whereas with Livejasmin it was possible to control click on pictures and open multiple tabs. Rather than having this option it is much more difficult to view multiple tabs of pictures. Quite often users have to open a second window in order to continue viewing a cam while browsing other profiles or pictures. For those that like to view many windows at once, or have the option to jump between performers the old version of Livejasmin will be preferable.



Even though there have been many improvements made to the website since the Livejasmin old version including improved notifications, a mobile friendly design and improved slideshow picture displays, for the most part people prefer the old version anyway. With most people using the version of the site mostly for searching and quick browsing and the older version of the website for actual viewing, it will be interesting to see if changes their format a little to assist with customer concerns.


>>> Click Here to Visit LiveJasmin Old Version <<<


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