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Dear members,

In middle of July LiveJasmin added an additional fee of 1 credits per minute for Cam2Cam. Several members complained and said they will stop using LiveJasmin.

But actually, you still do not necessarily have to pay for Cam2Cam. Because LiveJasmin had only set “1 credit” as a default value in order that Performers can earn more money. Performers are able to modify the price and they can set it to “0 credits” as well.

Most members don’t know this – and even a lot of Performers do not know this as well. So if you used to have Cam2Cam with your favorite Model, then kindly ask her to set her price to “0 credits” 


UPDATE: Here are some feedbacks I found online about this topic. What’s yours? Share them in the comments.

“But is it practical for a performer to constantly having to change the price for their favorite members…?

You will have to schedule your privates with your favorite so he/she knows exactly when to set it to 0 and when to put it back to 1.”

“no, she can set her price ALWAYS to 0 credits”

“So when online, and going pvt, you should ask first and then open cam after she changed it (and blocked others from coming in).”

“She cannot change it during the private, as far as I know. She needs to go offline and online.
But I mean: one girl did not know at all about this change … so I asked her to go to settings to set it to 0 and she did it.

When you click on GO PRIVATE you will see her c2c price.”

I know. And when you click on the c2c-button in free, you see the total price per min. Dito with two-way audio.”

This one is from Evetalks model:

“Guys , what is the problem? It took me 5 seconds as a member to find out the extra fee for audio and c2c. The normal pvt button gives the regular price (plus information about audio rate), the camera icon gives the total price for pvt+c2c, the microphone icon gives the price for pvt+2-way-audio.

All information is available in free chat before going to pvt. So u can easily calculate the price of those 2 options, although i don’t know why u need this becoz u make a decision u base it on a total price which is already given. U need to calculate only if you want to use those 2 options together. But lets be honest – almost no one use them together  

Now about practical experience – although i have a charge for both of the features, those who used cam mostly did not stop using it  For others – there is a choice not to start it, if they can’t afford the price.

It might not understand the site politics (sometimes i don’t understand it too), but imho its obvious – jasmin goes to a whole another level not to be compared with other sites and if they succeed from the models side (content, service and streaming quality) i think the prices rates are adequate (high, but adequate for a lux level).

I feel really sorry for girls working in studios, which do not give any choice to their models (they think only about their own profit and not the conditions girl is put in front of her members), but i think that it is ok sometimes to give some permanents a privilege of not charging some of the features if a girl wants and the member do not abuse it. If a girl is 200% sure he will take her pvt after she logs of to change the setting and logs in – she will most likely consider it.”


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  • January 18, 2019

    Charles Miller

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