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Jasmin Elite

The following is just the information which we think we know 

Since today around 10:00 CET members get points for credits which they spend (not which they buy).

Members will earn points and move up through the ranks by spending credits on the website. Every time they take a Model to private, send a surprise or message, take a snapshot, or do anything that costs credits, they will earn points.

The more points a member has, the higher their rank.

With the point you can reach one of 6 levels:

– 15 points = Crush
– 50 points = Lover
– 250 points = Sweetheart
– 1000 points = Lancelot
– 5000 points = Romeo
– 15000 points = Casanova

Each level is represented by a different mask which is displayed on the LiveJasmin chat, visible for other members and performers. In your privacy settings you can DISABLE this visibility if you want.

Jasmin Elite masks and points

When you reach a level, you will keep it for a certain time. But if you stop to spend credits, you can also lose points as well as the level at a later time. This part seems a bit complicated so I can’t tell you details.

I personally like this idea. It is a little similar to the VIP Membership of the past, where VIP members also had a different display on the chat.

They say the rank should also give additional benefits but it is yet unknown what they mean by this.




UPDATE: Here are some feedbacks I found online about this new feature. What do you think? Please share in the comments.

“I disabled this when it was VIP, and I’ll disable it now. NO ONE but the model needs to know how much I’ve spent, and she knows without a stupid public icon. Even worse, it’s site-wide, not model-specific. So you visit 1 of your favs, she sees you’ve spent $100 on site, but not on her. I’m sure she’ll just LOVE you then!”

This is one of the weirdest features they could make now.

I knew a performer like 3 years, we always just chatted in free chat. Then I bought/used some more credits in a period and yes, sure not with her. I got this heart behind my nickname, that shows you spent kind of amount credits on Jasmin. She was total unfriendly since this time to me. I even not talk to her anymore. q.e.d.

I guess it is the best to make 1 seperate account on every girl you visit seperately, in case you not have that much 

If it works, I will hide my status, I just spend credits on 1 girl only since some months, and she knows how much she got from me  

Maybe Jasmin wants the members to battle against each other so they spend more money to be the one and only hero for one performer they like / love.”

i understood the text is in different colors too. Grey on black for example. What dickhead did choose those colors? Some are serious difficult to see. Can you imagine you have to deal with that all day or night? Poor girls.”

Wow so many negative comments. Well I hope they will add something to this system, which will be still cool even if you have disabled the display of your level.”

Finaly this “show your ass and i will go pvt” will be useless for you guys”

Aelitaa Model´s reply to the last one:
but now they look like guests for us, pale text….totally diferent impression. Im happy with this feature. 

The idea was to show to models who they deal with. Many members like to act they will go pvt if model do something in free for them. This new feature is very effectie against this. And dont know about other models but i dont threat my members as property, i realize i am not the only one they visit”

I found this in the description today:

“Schon bald werden wir im Rahmen unserer Treueaktion Prestige- und Geldpreise vergeben, damit sich Dein Aufenthalt auf Jasmin so lohnend wie möglich gestaltet.”

I translate it shortly: They will add special prices to the different ranks.”

Another feedback from a Model, this time from 1to1HornyCandy:

And I think is a great feature with the masks. Finally Jasmin started to care more about the models too .Now we know who to give our attention to, who deserves it and who doesnt.”

And this one from the famous Evatalks performer:

we dont want to upset our favorite model, one is good for chatting only and the other is for amazing privates…

Seriously? Couple of days ago I have asked one member who sits like years in my room (and ofc requesting in free, now less often but still) why he is here and you know what did he answer? I give you my attention. B…tch what? You came to my room without asking and it’s you who blesses me with the attention? It is not connected to the mask system, but puts some members down on Earth.

Yes, it can upset!!! As it is not a free chatting site, you know. When you communicate with someone for years, have good relationships with him and then pink glasses suddenly fall off and u see that he simply uses you. So its normal. What is not normal is a bit exaggerated level of this, when model is really jealous.

This is too much as camming is our job – some enjoys it, some hates but do, some are neutral, but it’s still a job and models should always keep in mind that members have their freedom of choice and are not tied up to a one model unless it’s their own choice.

So dear, members, if you found out “your favourite model” have became unfriendly coz of seeing your true face there are 2 options:

1) Change your behavior (recall in memory the true goal of the site and girls working there, recall in memory that chatting can be paid too, stop blaming a girl and simply accept her feelings)

2) Thank jasmin for showing models true face (as you feel she lied to you talking to you for years and still hoping on pvt or simply not thinking of that) and review your fav list.

Personally I am good with this feature, yes, I have more tools to manipulate now, but so do members. The thing is in personality, both member and model. I never was jealous (ok, I was first year, but then I reconsidered my attitude and evolved ) and I find it not right, but issues happen on the both sides, not only on models. So lets be grown ups and not look at this (not really meaningfull, lets admit it)change in a positive way”

Please check back weekly for more Livejasmin related news and updates.




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