LiveJasmin Free Credits Guide

You can find here everything how to get cheap Livejasmin credits easily:

How To Get Free Livejasmin Credits Or Bonus Credits

Many websites can be found on the internet which offer free Livejasmin credits if you download various programs to your computer from their websites. Most of the times these websites are SCAM websites and they try to get your personal information or they try to upload something to your computer (viruses, malwares) which are very dangerous for your computer. These programs can steal a lot of important information from you such as your usernames and passwords

If you try to write the following words, or expressions in Google Search, you will see mainly these harmful websites:
- Livejasmin free credits
- Free Livejasmin credits
- Free livejasmin username and passwords
- How to get free Livejasmin credits
- How to get Livejasmin credits
- How to hack Livejasmin
- Livejasmin credit hack
- Free Livejasmin credit generator

Do not download anything from these websites and do not run these programs on your computer!
It would be the best if you do not open these websites in any case!
Do not give your Livejasmin username and password on these sites!

It is not possible to get free credits on Livejasmin, or if it would be possible, why the owner of these websites want to share this information with everybody?

However if they do not know any hacks which can help them to get free Livejasmin credits this is the easiest way to steal the Jasmin members username and password and get the free credits for themselves. They create a website where you should give your username and password to generate the free credits and they get everything they want very easily. So be careful!

The legal way does not offer to many opportunities for FREE Livejasmin credits, however you can try the service (Private show) for free before you will buy the first credit package. If you register a member account on Livejasmin and give a valid email address, you will receive a 5 "Private teasers" which you can use to watch Private shows without buying any credits. Unfortunately it is not so long, however you will see, it is worth a try or not.

Additionally if you add your credit card details on Livejasmin you will receive $9.99 free credits as well (Credit card validation - see the steps on the attached pictures), which can be used in a private session with a models. You just need to add the card details, you do not need to buy a credit package!

If you choose a model with a lower price (On Sale category or 0,98 credit category) the length of the free private show can be 20 minutes!

You can delete your credit card details after you tried the service if you do not want to use Livejasmin anymore.

Here are the available Livejasmin credit packages:

  • 9,99 credits (free) --> one time offer --> Please find the details below how to get it.
  • 17,99 credits --> one time offer --> Please find the details below how to get it.
  • 27,99 credits
  • 67,99 credits
  • 97,99 credits
  • 157,99 credits

You can buy bigger or smaller credit packages as well if you you buy credits with different payment options. The more credits you buy more bonuses you get. Free Livejasmin bonus credits after every 5 credit purchases!

  • 27,99 credits --> 1,99 bonus credits
  • 67,99 credits --> 5.99 bonus credits
  • 97,99 credits --> 7.99 bonus credits
  • 157,99 credits --> 9.99 bonus credits

How To Get $9.99 Free Livejasmin Credits (Step By Step)

  • 1st step: Register a free member account and log in.
  • 2nd step: Click on the "Get Credits" menu on the main site.
    Get credits
  • 3rd step: Click on the close button (X) at the top right corner and you will be redirected automatically to the credit card validation page. Close the package selector
  • 4th step: If you choose the credit card validation for the 9,99 credits you should give your credit card details on the website. You can remove it later from your account easily.Free card validation for getting free 9.99 credits

As you can see on the pictures it is only a ONE Time offer (credit card validation and the 17,99 credit package), however it is a perfect opportunity to try out the Livejasmin services for free or for a lower price.

How To Buy Credits Anonymously On Livejasmin With The Different Payment Options

It is possible to buy credits without give your personal information on Livejasmin. Several payment option can be found on the site, which can be used anonymously. However you should be careful, because although these payment options offer anonymus credit purchase, they can be more expensive than the others (like credit card).

The different payment methods on Livejasmin are depended on your location from which country you visit the website. So a member from Germany can see total different payment options than a member from the US.

Payment Options On Livejasmin Which Offer Anonymity

Phone Payment Options

You can choose these options, when you do not want to give your credit card details on the site, however you should be aware that this payment option is the most expensive one. It can happen, that you should pay two or three times more than by credit card.


(If I can choose this would be the payment option I would suggest, if you want to enjoy anonymity on Livejasmin.)

  • Paysafecard is one of the biggest company in online prepaid payment methods.
  • It is very simple to get credits with Paysafecard on Livejasmin.
  • You can buy it worldwide at any of the thousands outlets. It works with a 16 digit code (PIN code) and you can choose different packages (10, 25, 50 ,100 EUR).
  • Paysafecard is available at several supermarkets, petrol stations and many other places. So if you do not want to give your personal information on any websites it is possible to buy the prepaid card at these places.
  • All retailers can be found easily in your area on the following website:
    • You can also register on their website and use the service easily. You can buy paysafecards in different currencies (EUR, GBP, etc.)
  • There is more convenient way as well, you can buy these prepaid cards ONLINE on the following site:
    • They are an official Paysafecard distributor.

How to use PaySafeCard


It is already available and you can get credits by Paypal on Livejasmin.


It is more and more popular worldwide and Bitcoin is also available on Livejasmin from 2015. Although it is quite complicated to create a bitcoin wallet and use it as a payment option on Livejasmin, so in case you are not familiar with this virtual currency I would not recommend it for the first time.

  • It also offer anonymity on the internet, so if you do not want to give your credit card details or you do not want to see the charges on your bank statement it might be a good solution for you.
  • If you are a beginner and do not know anything about Bitcoin, please visit Bitcoin main website for more information, you can find everything about the payment option:

Gift Cards - Only In The USA

More thousands retailer can be found all over the country where you can buy gift cards. However you have to make sure in advance that the gift card is accepted on Livejasmin or not. It can happen that the gift card can not be used on an adult website and it can be disappointing when you want to use it on Livejasmin and it is not possible. You can buy these cards on the internet as well, please find the list below with the Livejasmin partners:

  • Starbucks
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Bestbuy
  • Home depot
  • etc. (more hundred other gift cards can be used on Livejasmin)

How To Use The Various Functions On Livejasmin On The Most Effective Way


One of the newest feature on Livejasmin is the Smartbuy function which can help you to buy credits automatically during the private show, without interrupt the performance.

This is really convenient function and the user experience will be much better in comparison with many other competitor websites where you have to finish the private show and buy credits when you run out from the credits.

Be careful with Smartbuy, if for instance you do not have enough money, because when you turn it on, it will buy the credits automatically when your balance is less than a few credits. So there will not be any pop ups, any alert message, the payment will happen in the background automatically.

Turn it off when you do not want to use it anymore!

Customer service

If you have any other finance or Livejasmin related question, please visit the website and contact them directly via chat, phone or e-mail.

Email: [email protected] (Finance related questions)