LiveJasmin Mobile: Direct Contact In Real Life or Via Webcam Chat – A Comparison

Communication is an integral part of our daily lives. Communication can either be formal or informal. Informal communication is the oldest and most common. Informal communication can either be through direct contact (Face to face) in real life or through a live webcam chat in LiveJasmin mobile version.

Maybe you are wondering what a live webcam in LiveJasmin mobile is. It involves the use of a video camera to streamline images in real time through a computer to a computer network. These two are important mediums of oral communication.

In our daily lives, we exchange ideas & opinions as well as share valuable information. The best way to do this is through direct contact or live webcam chat. Face to face communication is the first to be learned by every human being and again it’s the oldest form of oral communication.

Live webcam chat has gained popularity in the 21st century with the advancement in technology. It enables people in distant places communicate face to face through the use of streamlined videos. Now, if you compare live webcam chat and direct contact in real life, you will realize that they have a lot of similarities. In other words, a live webcam chat and a face to face communication have characteristics that highly correlate. Someone is wondering how. Allow me to show you how the two compare. Without wasting any more time let’s look at how these two forms of oral communication compare.



Direct contact in real life and a live webcam chat are both informal modes of communication. The sender and the receiver of the message communicate openly and freely. There are no formalities to be maintained.


Instant Feedback

Both live webcam chat and face to face communication involves feedback that is instant and quick. In other words, the communication between the message sender and the receiver is fast.


Effect of Facial Expression

In direct contact communication and live webcam chat use of facial expressions is possible. These play an important role in influencing the nature of the communication. For instance, it is possible to express affection, approval, contentment or disapproval through the use of facial expressions.


Word of mouth effect

An important characteristic about direct contact in real life and live webcam chat is that there is a huge word of mouth effect. This helps in spreading positive and negative news with a lot of ease.


Widely Used

Direct contact in real life is the major for of communication throughout the world. Actually, it is the first form of communication to be learned and used by a kid. In our daily lives, we communicate directly with our friends, co-workers, employers and family a lot. On the other hand, due to technological advancements, live webcam chat via LiveJasmin mobile has gained popularity currently. Both adults and children are communicating a lot through the use of live webcam chats.


Mutual Relation

Live webcam chat and face to face communication largely depends on the mutual relationship that exists between the sender and receiver of the message. Significantly, there is no interference in these two forms of communication.

Communication is an integral part of our daily lives. There is formal and informal communication. Informal communication is the commonly used. In informal communication, there is live webcam chat via mobile LiveJasmin and direct contact in real life as the major modes of communication. These two have characteristics, which highly compare. The comparisons have already been discussed.

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