Models sharing their days with the new MyStory feature

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Models get closer to their Members by sharing their Stories.

Livejasmin introduced their newest feature today, MyStory. From now on Models can post pictures or videos on their Story via their ModelCenter mobile app or mobile browser.


MyStory is a new mobile feature of the site, that works similarly to features of the same name on social media platforms. Through it, Models will be able to post pictures and videos as well as optionally set a price for these.

How to use

To use the feature the Model has to have the latest version of the ModelCenter app installed on their mobile device. Once logged in to their Model account, they can add new content tapping the “+” sign at the bottom of  the Member messages menu.

Models  can choose to create a new photo or video, or upload one from the existing ones on their device. Once uploaded the content can be set as Free or Premium.

The maximum display duration for videos is 15 seconds.

Once uploaded, the new content will be visible in the Performer’s Story, for up to 24 hours. After this the content will expire.
Stories that expired are no longer available for Members.

Members can check stories on the site by clicking the thumbnail of Models’ Profile picture once in their room. Premium items in MyStory will only be visible to Members who have subscribed to it. Subscription gives access to the content for a week, and Performers can set a price of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 credits per week.

Access MyStory feature by clicking on the profile picture

This is the actual story


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