How To Reduce Your Livejasmin Costs

You can find here everything you want to know about the credit buying on Livejasmin and many other helpful tips which can help you to reduce your costs on the website.

  • How to get Livejasmin credits on the cheapest way.
  • Which payment method is the most secure and and cheapest. Buy Livejasmin credits safely.
  • How to find models for the lowest price.
  • How to use up the lowest credit package for the longest private shows.
  • How to reduce your costs with choosing the best payment option.

How To Get Livejasmin Credits On The Cheapest Way

Livejasmin is a very expensive website and they offer various services for very high prices. However you can reduce your costs if you choose the cheapest payment option. Unfortunately the cheapest price is not as cheap as we would like to see, but if you want to buy more credit packages, it can help to reduce your costs. The cheapest way for credit buying on Livejasmin is to buy the credits by a credit card.

Several payment options can be found on the website, which can be more expensive if you choose them. I would not recommend to use:

  • the phone payment methods (if it is available in your country). You can buy credits for 2x or 3x more money with this option.
  • Gift cards (mainly in the US). They offer 70-80 credits for 100 USD instead of buying credits for the normal price. These gift cards are accepted on Livejasmin website:
    • Starbucks
    • Walmart
    • Target
    • Bestbuy
    • Home depot
    • etc
  • Directdebit service (EU countries). 3-4 EUR more per transaction for the operational costs.

I would recommend to get credits by the following payment options to do not pay any additional fees.

  • Credit card - Worldwide - (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Jcb, Diners, etc.) --> American express is not allowed to use on Livejasmin.
  • Bitcoin - Worldwide - (only if you are familiar with this virtual payment option and you already have bitcoins which you can use for credits buying.)
  • Paysafecard - Worldwide - except in US

How To Find Models For The Lowest Price

If you want to find the models for the lowest price, please visit Livejasmin and choose the following filter --> Price = 0.10 - 0,98 credits/minute.

Reduce Livejasmin costs with price filters

How to use up the lowest credit package for the longest private shows

Yo do not need to do anything else just follow the instructions in the previous topic. The trick is very simple, you can choose the 0,98 credit/min private shows and you can enjoy the show two times more time than usual. These models can be newly registered models or more experienced ones as well, but you can also find beautiful performers for this lower price. It is worth a try!

How to decrease your costs with choosing the best payment option. Which payment method is the most secure and the cheapest? Buy Livejasmin credits safely.

Choosing the best payment option on Livejasmin is not an easy thing, because several payment methods can be found on their website. It depends on you which you prefer, however you should know some facts about them.

  • Credit card payment option is one of the easiest option you can use.
  • We do not recommend you to use the phone payment option if it is available in your country, because the price of the Livejasmin credits can be higher than usual.
  • If the anonymity is important for you on Livejasmin, you do not want to see the charges on your bank statement, or you do not want to give out personal details, you can choose Prepaid cards (Paysafecard - worldwide - except US - Paysafecard prepaid cards bought in the US do not work on online gambling and adult sites.) , Gift cards (These are only available in the US - Starbucks, Walmart, etc.). Please find the details above.

Which payment method is the most secure? Buy Livejasmin credits safely.

It is secure to pay by credit card on Livejasmin, when you want to buy credits. You will see the following URL: "HTTPS..." and not a simple "HTTP" , which means a secure SSL-encrypted communication between the networks. This is very important when you want to buy something on the internet. Visa and Mastercard have very strict rules for the websites who want to use their credit cards as a payment option. Do not have any concern about the security of Livejasmin, it is NOT a SCAM, they should be absolutely reliable since Livejasmin is one of the biggest adult entertainment company.