Truth or Dare?

Are you ready for a private game?

Livejasmin is happy to introduce a new feature that will make private chats even more fun. From 09.08.2018, Members will be able to start a Truth or Dare game during a private chat, to get to know Models better in a more exciting way.

Don’t worry, all actions and questions for the game are pre-defined by Livejasmin to make sure that we and our Models will have the best possible experience. The game will be available in nude categories only.

Only 1 Member is able to play the game with a Model at a time and only in Private chat.

In case a Member starts a private game, Models will see the following notification in JasminCam:

Truth or dare in JasminCam

Getting started

Models can accept the game request and enjoy a different private chat experience, or if they are not in the mood to play, they are free to decline the request. A decline message can be sent afterwards, so the Member will know why the Model didn’t want to play.

All game related actions will be visible in the chat, so the Model will know for sure what the Member would like to see or hear.

Sexy dance for 2 minutes

Game questions

All action and question requests are predefined and part of the game library, that makes sure users will be able to select from a huge amount of questions. Depending on the question type Models might need to perform an action or answer in the chat or with speech.

Members have the possibility to end the game at the end of each turn.

  • August 3, 2018

    Charles Miller

    Hey there, my name is Charles and I am the creator and editor of this site. I have been member of Livejasmin for the past 7 years and my mission is to share my knowledge about this service I love.

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