Video Calls are here! (only for iOS at the moment)

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Livejasmin just released their best feature so far!

Livejasmin recently introduced their newest feature, Video Calls, to their services.

All a Model need to do to use this exciting, new communication channel is to enable it through their Model Center Mobile Application! After that, members can call them on their smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Of course, because of the nature of this service, it is only available on mobile phone.

For the best performance, Models must have the Model Center app installed on their mobile phone and get their device updated to iOS 12. Also, in the Members beta version Livejasmin will release it only on iOS 12, Safari in Europe.

Purpose of the feature

This feature allows Members and Models to have Voice & Video calls with each other, users will be able to call Models via mobile even when the Model is offline. This allows Members and Models to have even more intimate communication with each other.


Besides the messenger and content sharing functionality within the web view application for Members and web view/native application for Models, Livejasmin wants to make the voice/ video calls available for users.

On Model side the feature is available on iOS and Android devices. As of now, Huawei phones are not supported.

General information of the feature

This is a feature available within Messenger for the web browser and web view apps, only Members can initiate the call. Every call is a private call when no one can join in. Members can call via mobile web browser and Jasmin web view app and Models can accept the calls via Model Center web view app and native app and also within mobile Model Center site.

Models can make the feature off/on on their side. In case the feature is ON, Members can call Models anytime. 

The price for the feature can be set by Models. The lowest price is the same as the lowest private chat price 1.99 credits/minute.

By default the price of the video calls are: Private chat + Two Way Audio + Cam2Cam. Models can change the price of the call within the settings. Members can decide whether it will be an audio or video call, at the beginning the call will start as a video call with further option to switch the camera off, however the price won’t be changed.

Voice and Video calls 1Voice and Video calls 2Voice and Video calls 3

Call details

Call states


OngoingNo one can join an ongoing call. In this case, another user will see a corresponding state of performer (Busy). No time indicator will be available during the call
MissedMissed calls will be highlighted as unread message on Model side. When a User is trying to reach the Model and no answer – system will automatically display a message that Call was started/ended
CompletedCompleted calls will be marked and saved in the message history for both parties – a timestamp should be saved
IncomingA standard call interface will be displayed on a screen (locked/unlocked state should be considered)
BusyIn case if a Performer is busy, call can not be started. Performer’s availability indicator is red.


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